Monday, 14 September 2015

Isn't Mike Corcell hungry?

Has RWC Partners' Mike Corcell lost the hunger? 'Oh no, boss! Doesn't Mr Corcell want to manage funds no more? Has he fallen out of love with finance?' No, Voice. I mean, isn't he ... hungry? Doesn't he want to bite and eat people any more? 'Oh.' Because I've just been reading this Fundweb article about RWC's "Everest" team. It seems they're still around. You know, healthy and that. Alive! 'What's going on, boss?!' I don't know, man.

It's a miracle ... ?! No, I don't know, dear reader(s). / Corcell is a very unpredictable guy. Maybe he doesn't like the way they taste. Maybe he's become a vegetarian like me. 'Maybe RWC has tamed him. Maybe Mike's out of the cage now, a free man!' And managing his funds in a calm, civilized manner, I suppose? Ha! I can't see it myself.

These are scary times ... / [And I'm in a confused state.] The truth is, I don't even know where Mike is at the moment. 'Shit! You're scaring me, boss! And them ...' Is he in North Carolina? Is he in London? Is he in Miami? 'Mikey, is he loose on Bodmin Moor?' Tearing sheep apart? I don't know! 'Christ! Save us!' / We just don't know.

Look under your desk, dear reader(s)!!! 'Ha!' Ha! Oh, that had them going, Voice. Look at them!


Corcell, Corcell ... 'Don't say his name three times!' You're right. How foolish! / Uh, I want to take my mind off it, the horror. / Music? Guitar? I'm wondering if it makes sense to spend so much time on lead playing when I only need rhythm for my demo. The thing is, I want to be a "decent" guitarist, man. Not just a strummer like Lennon or Marley, or Dylan or Costello, you dig? It's taking forever though, and I have classic songs that are begging me to record them. 'Begging you, Mikey?' You know what I mean, Voice. / I can hear them in my head, reader(s), just like the Voice.

Laters. Wednesday, maybe.