Thursday, 17 September 2015

Jeremy Church has left Fidelity

Well, well ... / Jez was co-manager of the £800 million Fidelity Global Inflation Linked Bond fund. (Co-manager Andrew Weir has taken over the whole fund. By himself, like. 'Brave man!' Rather him than me ...) I don't know what Jez will do now. If he's got any sense he'll get out of finance and do something more interesting. 'Mikey, I've heard The Worzels are looking for a new bass player.' Well, maybe he'll do that, then, Voice. 'I hope so.' So do I. Anything is better than working in finance.


So, er ... what about the other Jez? 'What other Jez?!' Jeremy Corbyn. 'Oh.' I suppose he's had a good week, dear reader(s). I mean, the Red Tories haven't got rid of him yet. / I think it was a smart move our Jezza wearing that awful suit at PMQs yesterday. 'Really?' Yes. He looked like a common man, one of the common people - with a flat above a chip shop, you know? Whereas Cameron looked like someone who spends too much of his time studying sculpture at St. Martin's College. 'Eh?! He's not a Greek girl! / I thought Cameron looked like an upmarket estate agent, myself.' Oh, wonderful! Whatever.


The end of another week, eh? I can't say I'm upset about it. 'Pub tomorrow?' Maybe. If it's not raining. / Laters.