Tuesday, 20 February 2018

John Gilligan appointed as ...

Drum roll! ... ... ... 'Come on, boss! The suspense is killing me. And the readers no doubt. What is John Gilligan appointed as?' Ha! Look at this, Voice, reader(s) -

John Gilligan, a private equity and venture capital industry expert, has been appointed as Director of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford's Finance Lab - a financial graduate training programme that is highly respected by financial services, recruiters and senior finance professionals. His leadership will build on the work of predecessor of Andreas T. Angelopoulos, who founded the Finance Lab in 2013.

Gilligan is an adviser and educator who has initiated, led, structured and arranged finance for transactions in many sectors and jurisdictions, and he is the co-author of a series of books on Private Equity that feature on the reading lists of business schools across the world. He is a non-executive director and investment committee member of Big Issue Invest, one of the largest social impact investors in the UK.

How about that, eh? It's a shame about that strange symbol above the "i" though. 'Don't you normally remove those, boss?' Normally, yes, but I can't be bothered this morning. Let them have it any way they want it! / Okay. This lab, then -

The Oxford Saïd Finance Lab is a joint venture between the School's Private Equity Institute, finance faculty and Careers Centre. It is offered to Oxford Saïd MBA, MsC and Finance students interested in a career in specific areas of finance, especially M&A, Corporate Finance, Leveraged Finance, Real Estate and Infrastructure Finance, Capital Markets, Distress & Restructuring, Private Equity and Asset Management.

The Lab takes place over two terms, and it introduces students to the key concepts, instruments, and models required for finance courses, electives, and interviews. It encompasses four finance competitions: the Bridgepoint Private Equity Challenge, Centerview M&A Challenge, Rothschild Global Advisory Challenge and the Hermes GPE Private Markets Challenge.

Okay. Fair enough. / As I say, it's a shame about that strange symbol above the "i", but you've got to let people live their own lives. It's not what I would have wanted, and - 'And you normally remove those symbols. It's not too late, boss.' No, no, no. I'm not going to interfere. 'You're not as fussy as you used to be. You used to like to be in control of every element of the blog, man.' Yeah, I know. 'And is it really interfering, if it's your blog? I say, your blog, your rules.' Just leave it, Voice. Seriously. It's not a big deal. Christ!


Anything else? Brexit? Well, good news for a change! David Davis says that we won't have to fight Lord Humungus for the last gasoline. I'm feeling better already!