Monday, 9 April 2007

The fortune quiz

1) If ten crystal balls each show ten gold coins, and one of the balls breaks, and - amazingly - the coins roll out, but five of the coins are fake, and the fortune teller has a headache - how many of the coins will Rufus put in his pocket without anyone seeing?

2) If, after a good night's sleep, that same fortune teller opens a new pack of tarot cards, and places seven of the cards on a small table, and Rufus pops out for a moment - how many of the cards will be used as beer mats?

3) If the fortune teller's caravan has no wheels and is surely not going anywhere, and the fortune teller - her name's Rosie - is feeling very depressed, and Rufus is nowhere to be seen - how long will it take before Rosie moves into the hot dog business and cleans up?