Monday, 2 July 2007

The new breed of capitalists

This last year capitalism and mysticism have merged in a way that few people thought possible. There are not many people involved in business now who go to work in the morning without first visiting their local money temple to pray to Big Herb or some other god of their choice.

Susan Flint from Bad Moon Investments recently said to me, 'A lot of it is down to you, Michael. The new capitalism has really taken off in the last couple of months because of your wonderful blog. Business people aren't ashamed any more to say they use tarot cards and crystal balls, or the services of a money mystic. You are opening up new possibilities.'

Kind words from Susan, but I was responding to the prevailing atmosphere. I started this blog because I realized there was a real hunger in the business world for financial news and opinions that mainstream organizations like Reuters and Bloomberg were just not providing. And I'm not going away. This is a revolution.