Wednesday, 31 October 2007

HSBC sells Marbles and Beneficial

HSBC has sold two of its credit card businesses - Marbles and Beneficial. SAV Credit has bought them for £385 million.

HSBC will now concentrate on its remaining credit card brands, but I'm wondering if credit cards will soon be obsolete. There must be a way you can transfer money from one account to another using mystical powers. Let me explain. If you wanted to buy a new sofa for a certain amount of money, couldn't you use your mind to instruct your bank to take the required money from your account and send it to the sofa shop's account? Just think how easy that would be.

Michael Oliver from Mystical Cash Gurus says, 'I can't see it happening yet. Not even the most powerful shamans or mystics can manage such a feat without errors - so what chance would your average joe in the street have? Maybe a thousand years from now when the human race has evolved a bit more, but it's just a pipe dream at the moment.'