Monday, 29 October 2007

MPC Investors doing well

A London-based hedge fund company, MPC Investors, is doing great business at the moment - at a time when hedge funds are suffering. What's the secret of its success?

Well, I wouldn't like to say. All I can say is, with Halloween coming up a lot of hedge fund managers are dabbling in the dark arts. I myself will be quite busy this Halloween, although I will not be getting up to anything untoward. This is a time of year well known for witches and ghosts and demons, etc., but a lot of white magic practitioners will also be very active. I will attend a meeting at a Big Herb temple - in a secret location. I won't be going to the temple in Leadenhall Street because it's too high profile, and I've found that you get a lot of City traders in there who are just going through the motions. They are not fully committed to Big Herb and the concept of mystical capitalism.

At this meeting on Wednesday night we will have to make an offering to Big Herb. Don't panic! It won't be a human sacrifice or anything horrible like that. He likes toasted crumpets. As bizarre as it sounds, that is what Big Herb wants us to serve up on the altar. Each to their own, I suppose. It should be a great night. I just hope I don't have a hangover the next day.