Thursday, 8 April 2010

What was Ali Hedayat?

Oh, Ali Hedayat has left the Goldman Sachs Principal Strategies unit or group or whatever it is. He is no longer a managing director and a co-head. So what will he become? And what was he, really? If we had a clear idea of what he used to be, it would help us understand the man who will surely be reborn now. And later we will have to understand that. I mean, the rebirth.

Fortunately, Ali is here, and he wants to speak to us -

Ali Hedayat was a man you could look at and your eyes would just water because you would be so happy to see him. Yes, there would be tears of joy! And these tears would roll down your cheeks and fall from your face into the sand. A cactus would suck up the tears, and then this cactus would become a giant astral cactus covered in banknotes, like something out of a Mickey Clark fantasy.

Ali Hedayat was a man you could listen to all the astral night long as he whispered bitter words into your ear regarding the ghosts of certain financiers who were mad for money even though they had neither flesh nor bones and so could not enjoy their wealth in quite the same way as we mortals could. Ali hated the ghosts, which was unusual, as most mystics loved them. But you still listened! That was the power and the charm of a man like Ali. No, not like him. It was him.

Ali Hedayat was a man you could sense all around you. He may not have been there with you, physically, but you were always a little suspicious, fearing that maybe he was spying on you, floating above you in his astral body. And if you didn't have your astral eyes in, you wouldn't have seen him, would you? But you would have sensed him. And that would have been unsettling. I am sorry if he alarmed you, this Ali.

Thank you, Ali. Maybe I’ll invite you back after your rebirth.

Update: I've been re-reading Ali's ramblings. He seems very confused. One minute we see him, the next minute we don't. He hates the ghosts (no flesh, no bones), and yet he doesn't seem to mind floating around in his astral body. He's a mysterious man!

Update II: No, he's just been in touch. He hated the ghosts - in the past. But not any more. Because he is preparing to be reborn. Oh, I'm confused!