Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Graphene-based technologies

What are they, dear reader(s)?! Let's find out!

4 October 2018 - Cambridge, UK - Paragraf, the graphene technology development company, has rapidly followed its seed investment of £2.9m, announced in May 2018, with the opening of a groundbreaking, new facility north of Cambridge, UK. The site represents a turning point for graphene-based technologies, enabling Paragraf to drive large-scale development of mass-market, graphene-based electronic devices.

Okay, okay. 'Haven't you got any recent PR emails, boss? This one is from the fourth.' So? Who cares, Voice? I didn't like the look of the other ones. And I wanted to write about graphene-based technologies. Whatever they are.

Paragraf's proprietary production technique overcomes the quality, contamination and reproducibility barriers faced by other graphene production methods. The customized equipment at the Cambridge facility will allow Paragraf to convert its cutting edge laboratory research into novel products, including next generation sensors, solid state electronics and energy storage cells.

Oh. I still don't know what graphene is, man. / Actually, I'm pretty sure that Sir Colin Humphreys would tell us - if only there ... only were ... only a way ... we could contact him, only. 'Ha! Use a mind connection, boss.' Of course! Silly me!

Colin. Colin. Colin, son. Come on, mate! COLIN!!!

Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys, Chairman and Co-Founder of Paragraf, says: "The rate of progress of Paragraf in establishing its R&D facility has been remarkable. Within a few months Paragraf has installed customized large-area graphene production, processing and characterization equipment and fabricated transfer-free graphene on silicon and sapphire wafers. I greatly look forward to the production of its first graphene electronic device later this year."

Eh? Silicon and sapphire wafers?! WTF?! 'Ha! I wonder what they taste like.' Christ knows, Voice! I'll stick to my crumpets, if that's all right with our Colin.

Dr Simon Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of Paragraf, says: "The new Paragraf facility is a significant step towards realizing the potential of graphene in commercially viable, scalable electronic devices, bringing the beneficial impacts of this wonder material to the world."

Where did he come from?! 'Maybe Simon made a mind connection of his own, boss.' Yeah, I suppose. Cheeky sod!

Wonder material, ha! I'm still none the wiser, me. / Oh, it's atom-layer thick. Look! -

About Paragraf: Paragraf is a spin-out from the Centre for Gallium Nitride group of Professor Sir Colin Humphreys in the Department of Materials Science at the University of Cambridge. Building on significant know-how and IP, Paragraf is developing atom-layer-thick two-dimensional materials, starting with graphene. Through its growing IP portfolio, Paragraf will apply these to a range of advanced electronic, energy and medical devices to benefit society.

Well, that's nice to know.



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