Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Help! I don't understand!

Help! I don't understand, I don't understand, I don't understand! 'What's wrong, boss?' Look, Voice -

Dear Michael:

The IFX Forum has released the first deliverables from its Open Banking APIs Working Group, including a set of IFX APIs demonstrations and a RESTful edition of IFX 2.4.

What are they talking about?! 'Well ...' Can you tell me, man? 'Not really, boss. Obviously, we're going to have to go deeper into the email.' Or we could just take the day off? 'I think we have to do this, boss.' Christ! Do you think the Aviva Investors guys would? 'Ha! Those wasters!' Exactly! Can't we be like them? I fancy a cooked breakfast in Wetherspoons right now. 'No. Let's do this.' Oh, okay ...

WAKEFIELD, Mass. - Nov. 14, 2017 - The IFX Forum has announced the first set of deliverables from its Open Banking APIs (application programming interfaces) Working Group, marking significant progress on its work to provide Open Banking APIs to the financial services industry - accomplished in only six months.


The Forum has been working to develop a standardized way to address the growing impetus for banks to provide more open access to their data, in place of proprietary APIs being developed by financial institutions and vendors. All of the new IFX APIs material is available in pre-release form at no charge in order to gather public feedback.

Jesus! It's just all data crap. Whatever happened to human feelings with finance? I remember good, honest human feelings ... / Come on, Lucky, think!

A RESTful (Representational State Transfer) JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) representation of the IFX Business Message Specification (BMS) Version 2.4. JSON is an alternative to XML for representing IFX objects an additional format, demonstrating how the Forum is continuing to invest in IFX adapting the proven standard to new technologies a demonstration of fully functional IFX APIs featuring samples of several typical business scenarios in financial account management just a taste of what IFX offers in readily implementable capabilities Public access to RESTful IFX labs on the IFX server and on Microsoft's Azure platform IFX APIs demonstration the demo's business scenarios include "validate account" "get account balance" and "show account information" and they are accompanied by a PSD2 (the European Union's Payment Services Directive 2) account information use case in the demo requests are enabled by fully functional IFX-defined APIs in a RESTful architecture using the sample dataset viewers can see both a user-facing display and the JSON resources resulting from these API calls -

Stop! That's enough! Thank you, Lucky! 'Who's this Lucky, boss?' You know, that idiot from Waiting For Godot. 'Oh, of course.' Yeah, he's a thought-form on the astral plane now. He always thinks and talks when you ask him to. / Anyway, maybe Steve Goren can help us. Come on, Stevie, think!

"Today's announcement is noteworthy because, while many organizations in the financial services industry are talking about Open Banking APIs, the IFX Forum is actually doing something to advance this important initiative," said Steve Goren of Tata Consultancy Services, chair of the Forum's Open APIs Working Group. "Meeting the milestones laid out in our charter, the next significant goal is publishing implementation guides and white papers detailing best practices for IFX in a RESTful setting."

Okay, whatever. 'Thanks, Mr Goren!' Yeah, thanks, Mr Goren. You've really cleared things up for us.


Anything else, dear reader(s)? Politics? I don't discuss politics. However, I was watching the debate on Brexit in parliament last night. Jesus H. - !!! Do you know what I mean? The MPs seem scared, or confused, or insane, or a combination of all three. It's not good, man. / And the latest news is, Aston Martin say they might have to stop making cars if we leave without a deal. And Honda aren't too sure either. I presume the other car companies are thinking along the same lines. Just great, eh? We're going to end up like Cuba, driving around in fifty-year-old cars and scavenging for spare parts. Sunlit uplands, my arse!