Thursday, 30 November 2017


POLARIS. Okay. POLARIS. Uh. POLARIS. Well ... 'Does it have to be like that, boss?' That's the way they like it, Voice. I mean, that's the way they do it, in capitals like that.

POLARIS Investment Advisory AG (POLARIS), Zurich, has appointed Dr Hanspeter Bader, Baldomero Falcones, Dr Thomas Friese and Matthias Knab as Members of its Senior Advisory Board.

And about POLARIS -

POLARIS Investment Advisory AG specializes in business development and marketing for asset managers with alternative investment strategies in liquid alternatives and private market investments. Since 2008, we have been supporting asset managers with their market entry, fund-raising and customer support activities with institutional investors in Europe. The asset managers we support are examined by POLARIS together with renowned experts as part of an extensive due diligence process and are selected only if they meet the highest quality standards.

Okay, okay. 'But can't you have a word with them, boss?' Oh, and say what, man?! You have to let people do their own thing. If they want capitals, let them have capitals. It's not something we should get upset about. It's not actually any of our business, is it?

"We are delighted to have gained such renowned and globally-networked experts for our company. With this step, we are substantiating our claim of having in-depth expertise and an extensive network in all areas of alternative investments," comments Rolf Dreiseidler, Managing Partner of POLARIS.

Okay, Rolf, have it your way.

Dr Hanspeter Bader is regarded as a proven expert in private equity. He worked for Unigestion for 17 years, most recently in the position of Head of Private Equity/Private Assets. Dr Thomas Friese most recently held the role of Head of Global Pensions at the Nokia Group. Prior to this, he was in charge of infrastructure projects and investments at the Siemens Group for 26 years. Matthias Knab is the Founder and Managing Director of Opalesque, a global news and research portal for alternative investments.

The Advisory Board is to play a key role in supporting the further development of investment strategies and the asset manager selection process at POLARIS. Another focus of its work will be to tap new customer segments as part of a European expansion strategy and to provide advice to POLARIS' existing customer groups.

But, but, but ... but what about Baldomero Falcones?! 'Ha! Old Baldo? They've forgotten all about him. Poor guy!' Jesus H. - !!! This is an outrage! This is an absolute outrage, Voice, reader(s)! 'No, no, no, boss, look! -'

In this context, Baldomero Falcones will contribute his country-specific knowledge and network as Senior Advisor. Baldomero Falcones has worked as a Member of the Management Executive Committee of Banco Santander and as Chairman of MasterCard International, among other roles. He is also a Co-founder of Spain's biggest private equity fund.

Well, thank God for that!

"The establishment of such a top-class Advisory Board marks another milestone in the development of POLARIS. We are confident that we will be able to gain additional experts with knowledge of specific customer groups and regional expertise as Senior Advisors in the near future. This way, we are systematically pursuing our goal of offering our asset management partners extensive sales support across Europe," says Claus Hilpold, Founder and Managing Partner of POLARIS Investment Advisory.

Yeah, all right, Claus. 'Thanks, mate!' Yes, thank you, Claus. ENDS.


Oh, Christ. The end of another week. 'Are you knackered, Mikey?' I'm not feeling too bad, Voice, to tell you the truth. And I'm hoping to finish that lyric tonight.

Oh, what about that trade deal with America now? 'Ha!' Exactly.

Later(s), alligator(s)!