Monday, 10 December 2007

Barclays Wealth: rich people still want luxury goods

And bears still shit in the woods. Apparently, Barclays Wealth has just wasted its time on a new survey that says rich people still want to buy luxury goods or blow their money on services like personal shoppers. Tell us something we don't know. It is obvious that the economic slowdown won't affect the super rich. Thank you, Gerard Aquilina - how would Barclays cope without you?

Let's get serious here. We all want to know how the economic slowdown is going to affect financial shamans and money mystics. Well, I can tell you. It is boom time for the mystical brothers and sisters. Firstly, their prediction skills are needed more than ever now. Investment banks would be stuffed without them. Secondly, they don't need or want luxury goods or indeed any goods at all. My regular readers will know that I once lived in a cave for eight years, and all I had was a blanket and a few mystical books. Just because we're into money it doesn't mean we actually need it. Financial shamans and money mystics are superior beings, and that is why we can survive in any economic climate.