Thursday, 13 December 2007

Goldman Sachs: big bonuses for the bankers, but what about the shamans and mystics?

Goldman Sachs will splash out £9 billion in bonuses for its workers this Christmas. Simon Dingemans will get £10 million. Michael Sherwood and Karen Cook will also get showered in cash. But what about the financial shamans and money mystics?

I spoke to Susan Flint from Bad Moon Investments this morning, and she said, 'Michael, we both know that Goldman is very secretive about the shamans and mystics it employs. Well, the bank is not saying a word about the bonuses these mystical workers will receive. This suggests to me that they are getting more money than the conventional bankers at Goldman.'

That makes sense. If Michael Sherwood finds out that some crazy - in his mind - upstart, crystal-ball-gazing, tarot-card-reading nutjob is getting more money than he is, he is going to be extremely pissed.