Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Geoff Foster: public don't care about sub-prime

In the Daily Mail today, city and finance reporter Geoff Foster claims most shoppers in London don't care about the sub-prime disaster in America, and may not even be aware of it. Banks have lost billions, and yet all Joe Public cares about is shopping, shopping, shopping.

It's enough to make you sick, isn't it? But it gets worse. I recently carried out my own survey on the streets of London and was shocked to find out how ignorant your average person was of financial shamanism. I approached one man quietly eating his lunch on a bench in Finsbury Square. I asked him if he knew that the Finsbury Square Zombie Club met every lunchtime in the square. I explained to him that these zombies work in banking and finance. I really went into detail, telling him all about the history of this famous club. He just looked at me in disgust and walked away. What is wrong with some people?

What is wrong with some women? I bumped into two ladies who were smoking cigarettes outside an office in Scrutton Street. I asked them if they realized that Big Herb was a ghost shortly before he became a money god, and that for a while he haunted that very street. I told them he was distraught because he had lost his space hopper. The two ladies just said that were going to call the police. How absolutely ridiculous! The police aren't going to waste their time looking for an ex-ghost's space hopper, are they?