Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The devils of Scrutton Street

O weary traveller, mystic stranger, do not dare go to Scrutton Street. There are devils there that will steal your soul and sell it to the highest bidder. The devils! See their eyes glow red! These demonic beasts bathe in the blood of the innocent. Oh, the horror! The fear!

Let me fill your heart with the terror! Let me show you the depths! O poor soul, steer clear of Scrutton Street. The devils will see you coming, they will be your evil friends, they will kiss you, they will whisper sweet murder in your ear. Don't let them touch you! Don't let them breathe on you!

In the brightest day or the darkest night, you will find the pain they create. In every minute, in every hour, your tears will fall and be the fuel for their sick hearts. O you damn fool, you are so innocent, you know nothing. Don't go to Scrutton Street! For the love of sweet, gentle Jesus and all the beautiful angels, do not dare go to Scrutton Street.

I survived the horror. I was young and foolish, and I had the fearless soul of the natural-born adventurer. I went down into the darkness. But I lived in fear! I saw the deranged smiles of the forgotten ones - dead, half-alive, almost living, workers tied to their torture! What a nightmare! But it was real! It was oh so real. I cried when I saw these broken slaves. And I fought the devils. I would not let them break me with their vulgar promises of advancement. I stayed true to myself, and I escaped with my life. Was my soul damaged? Oh, I don't know. I pray not. I fall to my knees and offer myself to Jesus. Save me, Jesus! O beautiful Saviour, I am your lost child.

O you devils, O you depraved monsters, I will speak to you now. Day by day, I am growing stronger. The power of the light will destroy you! Will I come and see you? Oh no, not in Scrutton Street. But I will enter your dreams and turn them into the nightmares you inflict on others. You will fail! You will burn! I can see a vision of your miserable future. It's so horrible I can't even look at it for more than a second. You will know the terror.

I need to sleep. I am tired, so tired. I will dream a thousand dreams of pleasure way beyond Scrutton Street. Envy me.