Monday, 5 January 2009

Goldman Sachs Asset Management never felt comfortable with Madoff

Hello. Hello. It's good to be back. Right, down to business. Goldman Sachs Asset Management has said it never felt comfortable with Bernard Madoff. Of course not. Why would it feel comfortable?

Goldman Sachs employs more financial shamans than any bank. These shamans would have known. They would have felt it. The vibes. Jack Pickles and Bernard Madoff together. One can only imagine the vibes. We're talking bad vibes here, baby. Not Beach Boy vibes, oh no. Although Dennis Wilson did hang out with Charles Manson for a while, and the Beach Boys did record one of Manson's songs. Can you believe that? Crazy!

Speaking personally here (it's the best thing to do, sometimes the only thing), I never felt comfortable during all the years I was friends with Jack. Even before he turned to the dark side. I must have known. I must have sensed something. Because there is a conflict in every human heart, between good and evil, and good does not always triumph. You dig that, don't you, dear reader? I mean, you know where I'm coming from. We've all been there. Wandering in the darkness, looking for the light, looking for salvation. Who can we trust? Who can we believe in? Is there a meaning to life? Will money make us happy?

Hey, let's not get carried away! Of course money will make us happy. After all, we are not communists.