Monday, 9 March 2009

Peter Munk: gold bug

Barrick Gold's Peter Munk says he ain't no gold bug. But he is a gold bug! Everyone is a gold bug! In this time of printing money, we all are. Peter Munk is a gold bug. David Einhorn is a gold bug. Michael Fowke is a gold bug. Keith Busby is a gold bug. Arthur Simmons is a gold bug. Susan Flint is a gold bug. Big Herb is a big gold bug. You, dear reader, are a gold bug. EVERYONE IS A GOLD BUG!!!

Gold, gold, gold, streaming from the desert sun in our dirty city hearts. Gold tears streaking down our cheeks! Have we gone too far, beyond the mind, into a world of solid gold?

Solid gold easy action, I can't get no satisfaction!

O Marc Bolan, you were right. We are all gold bugs without satisfaction.

Weird scenes inside the gold mine!

O Jim Morrison, desert brother, what did you see inside the gold mine? Did it scare you? Did it carry you to your death on a chariot made of solid gold?

Something to write down on pages of gold!

O Arthur Rimbaud, you didn't write enough.