Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dear reader …

You may be concerned that this sweet blog o' mine is not updated as often as some others you may be reading. I get these vibes, man.

Well, I can only really write when the spirit moves me. But consider this: Money is the way is already twice the length of Rimbaud's complete works. And he ain't gonna write no more. I will be writing this blog for twenty or thirty years, God willing. I have got to pace myself.

Also, there is my work behind the scenes. My financial shamanism. It is very exhausting. And I will soon be starting a novel. So bear with me, man. There ain't no other mutha in the world who will take you on the trip I have planned for you.

And comments? Well, I don't allow comments for a number of reasons. But I know what you are thinking anyway. You don't have to leave no freakin' comments, man.


I love you, man.