Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Aviva loses Nic Nicandrou

Yes, he has been lost. Nic Nicandrou has gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Lost.

And I would write about it (so very boring) … but I am feeling so very depressed today. The sun is shining, but still … it is midnight in my heart.

I know what it feels like to be lost. Floating nowhere believing myself to be somewhere.

If it were not for my white sheet, I would be naked. You would be able to know everything about me.

I wonder if Nic ever …

No. I've seen his face. A jolly face. He hasn't known the pain, not yet. But …

Now he is lost. Aviva has lost him. But Prudential has found him. Found him burning out of control, too much money …

I feel quite emotional, and not just about the loss of Nic. He has been found. But I have not been found yet. Dear reader, will you find me one night, floating in your dreams?