Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Edward Vandyk: this is the space where he has always been

To dig it all and not to wonder - Van Morrison

They say great minds think alike. Actually, they also dream alike. Edward Vandyk, chief executive of Blue Oar, has told some newspaper: 'This is the space where I've always been.'


Dear reader, you will not believe the dream I had last night. I often leave my body when I'm dreaming and go on an astral trip. I go to the desert, or the City, or somewhere familiar, and I can usually feel the ground beneath my feet. But last night was different. Last night I went flying through space, out into the solar system, past Jupiter and Saturn, and get this: the planets filled my mind! They were vibrating in my head. The noise was incredible. My eardrums were almost bursting under the strain, and my teeth nearly got rocked out of my skull. I NOW KNOW WHAT THE COSMOS FEELS LIKE. AND I KNOW WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE.

So as soon as I woke up I was straight on the blower to Eddy. This is the conversation that took place (I'm in italics):

Who the fuck is this? Do you know what the time is? I was dreaming, man. (Eddy, mate, it's Michael Fowke. I -) Oh Mikey, you won't believe - (Flying through space, planets vibrating in your head, yeah?) Yeah! How the fuck do you know? (Same dream, Eddy. The same fucking dream.) This is crazy! (You're telling me. And I knew you would be -) Mike, I've been speaking to some newspaper. I told them. (Told them what, Eddy?) I told them that this is the space where I've always been. (Get the fuck outta here! Seriously. Get the fuck out of here.) Mikey, you can read it in the morning. (Jesus!) Yeah, Mike, this is the space where I've always been. It's the space where you've always been. It's just so fucking cosmic, and now - (Now we're even fucking dreaming about it.) Exactly. What does this mean?

Dear reader, what the fuck does this mean? Are Eddy and I cosmic soul brothers? No, I don't think so. I went through that shit with Martin Hughes last year, but this is something else. I will not be at all surprised if more people from the world of finance start to have these dreams. Something is happening. Something … let's just wait and see, eh?