Monday, 18 May 2009

Tom Douie has joined from Ferox Capital Management

Yes, he has. Tom Douie has joined from Ferox Capital Management, but whom has he joined? Has he joined the wailers in the pit, the ones who live in an everlasting night? Has he joined the dark angels, the demonic ones, the evil servants of Jack Pickles? Has Tom made friends with the desolate traders - those mad soulless monsters - in the shadows of his heart? Has Tom looked into the eyes of a dragon and despaired? Maybe he has fallen to depths deeper than depths we could possibly know about. Is he out of sight now? Is he lost to the world? O Jesus H. Christ, please do not tell me that Tom Douie has travelled to the market of the damned! Do not tell me that!

No! Tom Douie has joined the masters of light! The mystic worshippers of money! He has joined the burning ones in the desert! What a relief! O Big Herb, O Ganesh, O ghosts of the dead financiers, please show Tom the wild love that he has always dreamed of. He needs it. He wants it. He must have it! O lords of the holy cash that burns forever, take Tom into your hearts. Let him drown in your sandy souls. Let him swirl in the astral sky with his eyes shining. Tom Douie has joined you!

Congratulations, Tom.