Friday, 8 May 2009

LCH.Clearnet: clearing for Turquoise

LCH.Clearnet will start clearing for Turquoise. You probably didn't hear it here first. But then again you probably didn't kiss that ghost last night. Although it kissed you while you were sleeping. While you were lost in dreams, a turquoise-coloured ghost sent to you by Eli Lederman hovered over your bed (unless I am getting you confused with someone else, dear reader … that often happens … I often get you confused with someone else … someone I knew in another life, another world) and it fell upon you, just like a classic night hag, just the way it should, and you smiled. Yes, you smiled in your sleep.

At least, that is what Eli told me. I have to take his word for it. I have to believe him. He is a mystical child. You see, it wasn't I who possibly confused you with someone else. It was Eli. And I have been confused with Eli before. And he has been confused with me. WE HAVE BEEN CONFUSED WITH EACH OTHER. Yes, burning together on the highest level, away from all the dirt, the scum, we have flown high in the friendly sky. And he has said: O Master, let us move into high gear amid a price war in pan-European equities clearing! And I have said: No! No, Eli, there are more important things. Well, not 'no'. I will not say 'no' to you, Eli, but think of the turquoise clouds floating in your angel eyes. Ponder, Eli. And just consider this: will this high gear make you happy, and will you be higher than before? We have been to the top, higher than anyone - isn't that enough?

So, dear reader, I left wondering him and he wondering me, and I left him wandering, he is there now - (Where?) - never you mind. Actually, my voice, you never had a mind.

Am I your voice?

Dear reader, let's get back to where we were before. That ghost. You heard it here first. Who else would tell you? Who else can you trust? Who actually has the knowledge and the understanding anyway? Let's be honest: you do not come here for the square news any square can give you. You come here for something out of reach. You cannot touch it. They cannot touch it. BUT I CAN. I can touch it. I touch it on your behalf, and then I tell you about it. I am the one who takes all the risk. I am the one who puts his soul on the line. So let's have a bit of respect, and a bit of gratitude, eh?