Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ghost to shaman

I was afraid of being completely ruined and I decided on leaving Shoa.

Where are you now?

I don't know. But I got back to Aden on July 25, 1887 with 8000 thalers in bills of exchange and around 600 thalers in cash.

They are no use to you, now that you are dead.

I am not dead!

I'm afraid you died in 1891.

But I have poems in my heart, in my soul.

That's as maybe, but you are still dead.

Who are you - er, Michael?

Yes. Another dreamer.

I still have to pay, you know. In addition to the caravan expenses. 3000 thalers for …

Don't worry about that now. Actually, you have paid.

I am a proud capitalist!

Aren't we all?

Menelik II, King of Shoa, Kaffa, and the lands of the Gallas, sends his regards.

Fuck him. You don't need him.

But the 300 rifles!

Forget about the rifles! You're getting confused. Think about your weeping heart.

Drooling spit?

Fuckin' A!