Sunday, 24 May 2009

Because I am bored …

I am posting on a Sunday. But not tomorrow. I will have nothing to say tomorrow. I actually have nothing to say today, but I will say it anyway.

There is an emptiness here. There usually is. But now it seems emptier. Can emptiness seem emptier than before? If you have no money in your wallet, can you take out more than …

Forget that. We were not heading anywhere with that. Are we heading anywhere with this?


There is a death in these words. But behind them is something worse. If I were to stop -

O Master, please do not stop.

O my child, there is no need for you to worry. I will not stop until the end. If I have no reason to continue, I certainly have no reason to stop.

Thank Christ for that!

No. Thank someone else. Or something else. Thank the force that pushes me along to my destiny.