Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sandbar Asset Management - ?!

Don't worry about it, man(s). It's just a new equities hedge fund that is going to be launched later this year by Michael Cowley. He's hoping to raise $300 million, too. "Good luck to him!" That's what I say. We need more hedge funds in this world. [That wasn't the Voice, by the way. It was me. So I used those double speech mark things. What are they called?] 'Er ... just speech marks, boss, I think.' Oh, hello, Voice. How are you this morning? 'All right. / What are we talking about?' Michael Cowley and his new hedge fund, Sandbar Asset Management. He hasn't launched it yet, but when he does he's hoping to start off with $300 million - as I've just told the readers, if you were listening. 'Is this the Michael Cowley who was a portfolio manager at Millennium Capital Partners?' Yes. Why do you know him? 'No. I'm just reading the same shit you are.' Yeah, thanks, Voice. Thanks for your input. How much do I pay you again? 'Uh ... nothing, boss.' Ha! I'm paying you too much.

So ... $300 million. Is there any reason why we can't have it in pounds? I mean, this new firm is going to be London-based, as far as I know. 'No one takes pounds seriously, boss. We don't even know what they're worth from one day to the next.' Oh, don't get me started on Brexit! Jesus H. Christ! Do you know what I mean? 'Yeah.' And don't get me started on Trump again! 'Oh God! No.' No, no, no.

Well, well ... okay. / Let's wish Mr Cowley all the best with his new venture. Go on. 'Oh. Good luck, Mickey!' Is that what people call him, Voice? 'Er ... it's what I call him.' Okay.


Anything else? 'Music! What are you listening to, Mikey?' Can't you tell? 'Nirvana?' Yeah. In Utero.

My music? I don't want to record my last two songs yet because my performing has really improved over the last two months. 'Eh? That doesn't make any sense, man.' Yes it does. Maybe I can improve even more, man. You see? 'Oh.' / Anyway, I've come to the conclusion/belief that lead guitar may be more glamorous and flash than rhythm guitar BUT(!) ... rhythm is just as difficult as lead. In fact, I can say I've put more time into my rhythm playing. To play in a steady, smooth manner for four or five minutes without making ONE MISTAKE is actually quite difficult. While singing as well! / Also, I read somewhere that Prince valued good rhythm guitarists in his band more than lead players. Apparently, it's a lost art or something.