Thursday, 16 February 2017

Veritas Capital Fund VI has been closed at $3.55 billion

Which is a shame because I had hoped that Veritas Capital would be going for the cool $5 billion. 'They only wanted $3 billion, boss. $3.55 billion is more than enough.' Oh, it's you again, Voice. 'You can't keep a good voice down.' Apparently not.

Veritas Capital?

Veritas Capital is a leading private equity firm that invests in companies that provide critical products and services, primarily technology or technology-enabled solutions, to government and commercial customers worldwide. Our key differentiator is an in-depth knowledge and understanding of government and government influenced markets and customers and the policy and regulatory environment impacting the target industries which have been the sole and exclusive focus of our investment activities since 1998. During this time, we have originated and managed over 70 acquisitions.   

So ... 'Is this firm based in America, boss?' Probably. 'You don't know?!' I didn't check, man. It's too early in the morning. I've only just had my coffee.

Well, obviously ... I wish them all the best with it and everything. It's the sixth fund. 'Will there be a seventh?' I wouldn't be surprised. Once these people start they don't like to stop. Of course, they could just have one big fund with maybe twenty or thirty billion dollars in it, yeah? But ... you have to let people live their own lives. 'Some people, boss, you can't tell them anything.' I know, man.


Anything else? Not really. And it's the last post of the week. So ... laters, you dig?