Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Who is Daniel Essoo - ?!

Well, well ... / Yeah, he's just ... some guy who has got a new job at JTC Fund Services, that's all. 'Some cat.' What, Voice? 'I said he's some cat, boss.' Yes, he's a guy or a cat. It doesn't really matter. 'What's the difference?' There is no difference, I think you'll find. Sometimes I say "guy", and sometimes I say "cat". Can we move on? 'Okay.' Thank you.

JTC. Have we heard of JTC before? 'No.' Oh. We have now!

We are JTC, an independent, award-winning provider of fund, corporate and fiduciary services to institutional and private clients. Established in 1987, we now have over 500 people (guys or cats, and girls, even dames, broads, whatever) in offices across 18 jurisdictions, with assets under administration totalling over US$70billion. Our independence and shared ownership culture means we all share the same priority: the best interests of our clients.

The best interests of the clients. Nice one! Okay. 'All right.' Okay. What is our Danny doing at this firm?

As a Senior Director based in JTC's London office, Daniel specializes in helping firms investing across Europe with their complex, multi-jurisdictional corporate and fund solutions. He also has strong experience in Emerging Markets Private Equity, with a particular focus on the African continent.

Well, that's all right, ain't it? 'Yes, it's okay.' I hope Danny's successful in his new role. 'How long has he being doing this job, boss?' Not long. Only a short while, in fact.


Right. Anything else? Well, it's a nice sunny day today. Probably the first day of spring. So I might go out somewhere. Maybe central London, dear reader(s), for a look around the shops. I might get a DVD or something. 'Er ... shouldn't you be preparing to record your songs, Mikey?' Ha! I am prepared, man. I've been rehearsing the same two songs for ten weeks now. (I mean, not playing anything else at all, you dig?) I can play them in my sleep. Maybe tomorrow night, or maybe Friday, I'll have a go at them. I don't know. I've got to have the right mental attitude in place: confident, but not too excited. And I've got to make sure that motorbike prick ain't around, like Local Hero. 'Ha!' Christ! If I ever catch him ... you know?