Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Matthew Beesley has gone to GAM!!!

Yeah, he ain't at Henderson Global Investors no more. 'Oh dear. Didn't he fancy it no more, boss?' I don't know, Voice. Maybe GAM!!! ... made him an offer he couldn't refuse. It's been known to happen with these firms. 'More money?' It ain't all about the money, son. They've made him the head of equities. It's a new position created just for him in the company's London office. 'Christ! They must really love him or something.' Yes, or something. He's probably an expert. I mean, he should be. Our Matt has nineteen years of investment experience, you know. 'Wow!' Yeah. And he's been at Trinity Steel Asset Management, and JPMorgan Asset Management, and Mercury Asset Management/Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, all before Henderson. 'Wow! Impressive!' Yeah. Big time. And you know what Bloomberg says about him, don't you? 'Oh God. Go on.' Okay -

This person is connected to 1 Board Members in 1 different organizations across 4 different industries.

Ha! 'Jesus H. - ! What a bunch of wasters those Bloomberg lot are! Will they ever change, boss?' I very much doubt they will, Voice. I think they enjoy it, the way they are.

Well, well ... / Obviously, I wish Mr Beesley all the best in his new job. 'You're sure he's going to make a great success of it, aren't you?' I'm absolutely convinced.

Oh, er ... by the way, we should give some credit to Bloomberg. 'Really? Why?!' Well, I've noticed they mention that our Matt was at HGK Asset Management as well. 'Oh.' I haven't seen any other report which mentions that. 'They probably just got lucky, man.' Yeah. That's what I'm thinking. It's still good though. There may be some hope for them.


Anything else? Uh, not really. My head is in other places, dear reader(s), you dig? Music, Cornwall. How much longer can I go on writing about these finance guys? I've done my time. The bad karma should have been burnt off by now. 'Ha! At least you've got your conceptual stuff, Mikey. Are you writing one today?' I don't think so, Voice. Today, or tomorrow. 'Or tomorrow.' Yes, or tomorrow. It never stops. It goes on forever. Until ... out, out, brief candle! 'But, but, but ... the eternity of the spinning will remain, surely?!' YES! YES! YES!