Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Jellynote secures $800K to fuel growth and video production

Right. We've got a PR email today about music. Which I think makes a nice change. 'Great, boss!' Yeah.

Paris, March 14, 2017 - Jellynote, an AI powered Music Edtech Platform, announced today that it has secured $800K to drive user acquisition and production of exclusive Artist Masterclasses. The latest round is led by Danish Fund Nordic Eye with participation of existing investor Partech Ventures and Jellynote's CEO Martijn Tjho.

Okay. AI powered?! 'Robots?!' I suppose ... Christ! Well, whatever. / But let's hear the rest of it ...

Recently launching its new social feature, Jellynote is pioneering music education through innovation, peer to peer learning and a rich content library. The AI powered music platform breaks the academic method and allows aspiring musicians to teach themselves an instrument in a fun way.

Hang on a minute! I taught myself to play the guitar without - 'You're like Eric Clapton, boss!' Of course I am, Voice! And I didn't need no fucking robot looking over my shoulder. What the hell is this?!

Today the service boasts 1M users who come to play to learn their favourite songs across mobile and WEB. Building on this momentum, Jellynote will use the additional financing to develop the company further in becoming the number one platform for musicians around the world.

The platform features a variety of tools and a robust library of content to support becoming a musician and learning new songs through video, sheets, tabs, chords and exclusive Artist Masterclasses and original YouTube teacher tutorials.

Well, whatever. Maybe some people will like it. 'I'm not sure there is a robot, boss.' What?! You mentioned robots. 'But you said something about a robot looking over your shoulder.' Yeah, while you're playing the guitar. I mean, it's not something I need. And how expensive is it, anyway? Also, what if the robot malfunctions and tries to strangle you while you're playing? 'That's a good point, boss. Imagine you play a bum note or strum the wrong chord. The robot could get upset and just go fucking mental.' I know!

Well ... I'm sure Martijn Tjho has got something to say about all this. 'Who?!' Martijn Tjho.

"28% of the World population plays an instrument. Jellynote is perfectly positioned to help musicians hone their talent," says Jellynote CEO Martijn Tjho. "With this funding Jellynote can acquire new users and encourage new aspiring musicians to pick up an instrument and play".

Okay. He hasn't said anything about that bloody robot. Maybe he's embarrassed. 'It's probably a prototype.' That's what I'm thinking, Voice.

Anyway, what's this Partech Ventures?

Founded in 1982 in Silicon Valley, Partech Ventures is a global investment firm with a team spread across offices in San Francisco, Paris and Berlin. Most Partners have been entrepreneurs themselves or have held management positions within tech companies. The partnership acts and invests as a single team, helping entrepreneurs build fast-growing tech and digital companies addressing large markets across multiple continents.

Okay. And Nordic Eye?

Nordic Eye is a Danish venture capital firm based in Copenhagen and Los Angeles, California. They invest in carefully selected and mainly Nordic early-growth companies in tech and lifestyle business areas. They look for companies that can scale globally and where we can add value while helping to provide great exit opportunities within approximately five years.

Fair enough. But are these firms happy about the robot? 'They must be.' Unless they haven't been told. There's going to be trouble, I reckon.

However, it's not my problem, dear reader(s). I've got enough on my plate. So ... laters, you dig?