Tuesday, 7 March 2017

What's going on at Bridgewater Associates now?

Well ... all sorts of things, I suppose. I mean, Ray Dalio doesn't want to be the co-chief executive any more, but he still wants to be co-chief investment officer and co-chairman. 'Ha! all this "co" stuff, boss.' Yes, Voice, there's an awful lot of "co" stuff at Bridgewater. They've got co-post boys and co-tea ladies, and co-everything, basically. 'Maybe Ray doesn't trust anyone to do their job properly.' What, even himself?! 'Maybe he has problems.' You have problems, son, I tell you. Or you will have.

Anyway, David McCormick and Eileen Murray are (or will be, as it were, or as it is, soon to be, was) co-chief executives now. 'Who's making the tea, boss?' I have no idea, man. Maybe they all drink coffee. It's not important.

Uh ... / Anyway, apparently ... there's a high turnover of staff at Bridgewater. 'Most don't make it through basic training. That's what I've heard. It's like the SAS or Navy Seals or something.' Ha! I'm sure it's not that bad, Voice. / However, Mr Dalio is a strange guy. And it's his way or the highway.

We all have our ways though. Look at the Voice. No body. He just floats around all the time, mainly on the astral plane. What kind of fucking life is that?! 'Er, I enjoy it, Mikey. Live and let live, yeah? Kooks in glass houses and all that.' All right.


Anything else, dear reader(s)? Music? I wrote a new tune last night, which should lead to something. Early days yet. It probably won't make the new demo in time. (Unless I add it later on, as a fifth song.) But it could be my best melody. (The jury of my mind is still out on that one, you dig? 'Eh?!' Exactly!) My melodies are getting better all the time, man. 'Great!' Yeah.

What am I listening to? The Masterplan by Oasis. An album of very good B-sides. Only a couple of weak songs on it. I really like Rockin' Chair. 'What?! You've got a rocking chair now?!' It's a song, you cretin! 'Oh.' Ha!

Well ... laters, yeah?