Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Who on earth is Charles Jewkes?!

Who is he?! He's just got a new job at Fulcrum Asset Management. He used to be at Schroders. But ... who on earth is he?! 'Ha! You don't know who Charlie Jewkes is, boss? Are you serious?!' Who is he, Voice? 'Man, Charlie used to work at Schroders as the business development director. Now he's at Fulcrum in a new role they've invented just for him. He's the director of global financial institutions or something. It's all insurance stuff. Look -'

Leadership of Fulcrum Asset Management's strategic business expansion into the Global Financial Institutions and Global Insurance markets through the delivery of highly sophisticated multi-asset and systematic absolute return capabilities.

Great ... 'That's what he does!' Yes, yes, yes, Voice. But who is he, this Charlie? 'Uh ... oh, Christ! You mean in the existential sense?' That's exactly what I mean. 'Well, come on, let's face it, who is anyone? Who are you? Who am I?' Well, we're just creatures, I suppose. Bodies. And you don't even have a body. 'Er, hang on a minute, I have an astral body, boss.' Yes, congratulations, son. It's not quite the same thing, is it, eh?

Is it? Is it? Uh, I don't know ...

But, so ... we have bodies, physical or astral. Actually, physical and astral, most of us, on earth. I mean, I like to get away, in the night. Float off in dreams, you dig? 'You still do that?' Yes. 'Well, I haven't seen you around lately.' I keep a low profile.

But, but, but ... / Who in the astral sky is Charlie Jewkes?! He probably likes to get away, himself. Maybe one day I'll see him, flying high in the friendly astral sky. 'I like this, boss. This is the old you, this is. Before all that conceptual shit.' Shut up, you idiot!

I'm just ... I don't know, you know? 'Yeah. It happens to the best of them, Mikey.' Ha! You don't even know what I'm talking about, Voice. Please be quiet. Please!

And that's enough with our Charlie.


So, anyway, music. [I'm listening to Happy Mondays.] Yeah, I ain't recording those two songs this week. [Maybe Sunday. But I'm not happy on Sundays, usually.] I'm just not in the mood, you dig? I'm relying on these two songs, my best, and they've got to sound good with just my voice and an acoustic guitar. It's difficult, man.

But that's my problem. Don't worry about it, reader(s). So ... well, laters. Tomorrow, obviously.