Monday, 27 March 2017

First Sentinel has been admitted to NEX

Or something. I think it's NEX. 'Yes, boss, it is NEX.' Oh. And what is NEX, Voice? 'I have absolutely no idea.' Okay. Okay. I'm sure we'll find out as we work our way through this PR email. Actually, dear reader(s), it's a very short email, but there's a link to the full ... thing. 'Why couldn't they just send it to you, boss?' I don't know. Maybe they're lazy. 'But First Sentinel are paying the PR firm to do the work, man!' I know, I know. / Anyway ...

First Sentinel (NEX: FSEN), the alternative investment company providing growth capital for public and private company investments, is pleased to announce the admission of its entire share capital of 6,359,894 ordinary shares ("Admission") to trading on the NEX Exchange Growth Market ("NEX").

Right. "Admission". It sounds like a Joy Division album. 'Maybe it is.' A release of rare tracks? I doubt it.

Oh, NEX. I had to go to their website for this -

The NEX Exchange Growth Market is our market for earlier stage entrepreneurial companies with an environment specially designed to meet their needs. The admission process is simple and transparent, and the team at NEX Exchange is here to help at every stage.

Well, well ... eh? 'I'm none the wiser, me.' Never mind. I'm sure it means something to someone. Experts and that. / Uh ...

First Sentinel is an alternative investment company, registered with the FCA as a small authorized UK AIFM, which intends to provide growth capital for public and private company investments. First Sentinel intends to invest in a range of debt and equity instruments in target portfolio companies following Admission. The focus will be on investing via unsecured and secured debt instruments, with any such security intended to provide some down-side protection in relation to those investments to which it applies, and equity. First Sentinel intends to price the financial terms of its investments to offer attractive returns to First Sentinel and therefore, indirectly, to its shareholders. Where possible, First Sentinel intends to capture equity upside through warrants, royalty-like instruments and various other performance-related mechanisms in the target portfolio companies.

Well, okay. Er, all about the things it intends to do. 'Has it done anything yet, boss?' I don't know, Voice. 'Oh.' Maybe it's a new firm. There must be people who do know, Voice, but, unfortunately ... I'm not one of them. 'You could so some research.' Yeah, right.

Ah, that's enough. Seriously. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's all going to work out fine. 'Boss! Boss!' What?! 'Don't end it like this, please. Let's finish it with a statement from Brian Stockbridge.' Christ! Who on earth is Brian Stockbridge?! I mean - 'He's the chief executive of First Sentinel.' Oh. Well, okay, if you insist.

Brian Stockbridge, CEO First Sentinel said: "We are very pleased to be joining NEX as we look to implement our progressive investment strategy. The admission to NEX will facilitate access to additional sources of finance for us, whilst enhancing our reputation and ensuring proper corporate governance. The support from investors that recognize the exciting opportunities presented by our investment strategy is encouraging, and we look forward to updating our investors and the market once we begin to implement this strategy and make our initial investments."

Okay. That is enough now.


Anything else? Music? This ain't a music blog, son. 'Or daughter.' Or daughter. / Laters.