Thursday, 16 March 2017

Smith Cove Capital - ?!

All right, all right, all right! The first thing you need to know, dear reader(s), is that Smith Cove Capital is ... a new hedge fund! Over in America. 'Great, boss! When is the last time we had a new hedge fund?' Well, it must be a few weeks now, Voice.

Well, well ... / The second thing you need to know, dear reader(s), is that David Russekoff is the founder of this new hedge fund. 'David Russekoff?' He used to be a big noise at Perry Capital, man. 'Oh. Do you know anything else about him?' Er ... maybe Bloomberg can tell us. 'Oh, shit!' Give them a chance, Voice, for Christ's sake! / Right. Bloomberg -

This person is connected to 0 Board Members in 0 different organizations across 0 different industries.

Oh, shit, uh ... 'Ha!' Well, let's move on, yeah? I do have a bit more information. 'Good!' I can tell you, dear reader(s), that our Dave was the chief investment officer of Perry Capital. So, a big noise, as I said. Er ... oh yeah, Smith Cove began trading earlier this month with less than $100 million of partner capital, but - 'They'll get more than that, boss.' Of course they will, Voice. It's early days yet. 'Will Smith Cove be concentrating on distressed equity and debt securities?' Will Smith?! He ain't got nothing to do with it. 'No. Will, will ... the firm be concentrating on distressed equity and debt securities?' Er, what have you been reading, man? 'I'm just asking a question, boss.' Well, yes, I suppose the firm will be concentrating on distressed equity and debt securities, if it's any of your business. 'Okay.' And they are looking at investing in the energy sector, sovereign debt, and European telecommunications, financial and media companies. 'They?' The They. Bob Carroll, Roger Schmitz, and Victor Consoli ... are all with our Dave in the hedge fund. 'Oh. Nice.' Yes, it's very nice.

Well, well ... obviously, I wish them all the best. It's tough with new hedge funds these days. 'Tell me about it!' No. I haven't got time now. Maybe later.


Anything else? Not much, no. It's the end of the week, for me. I need a rest. 'Tired, are you, Mikey?' Yeah. Big time. 'I suppose it's all that spinning a-ROUND you do in the conceptual posts.' Yes, it is. My body, my mind, and my soul are KNACKERED(!!!), man. I'm really going to have to cut down to one conceptual post a week.

Well, anyway ... laters! Have a nice weekend, reader(s)!