Monday, 20 March 2017

The 2017 Growth Investor Awards

Yeah, it's, uh ... a PR email from Intelligent Partnership, and it's not embargoed like last time, which is a big relief. Remember the trouble we had? ... Voice? ... 'What?!' Do you remember the trouble we had? 'Yeah. Yeah, I remember.' All right.

Black tie awards dinner to take place Wednesday 8 November at Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London.

The Growth Investor Awards were created to recognize innovation and impact in UK investment management.

Last year's awards featured keynote speeches from Iain Wright MP & Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE.

Okay. Black tie. Shit! Do I have a black tie? 'Don't worry about it, boss. You're not invited.' Eh? 'Have you read the email? You're not invited.' What the fuck?! I normally get invited to these things. 'Ha! Well, not this time.' Bastards! What absolute bastards! 'You wouldn't go anyway, boss. Come on, do the rest of the email.' It's nice to be asked though, ain't it? / Well ...

Intelligent Partnership, the UK's leading provider of research, education and insights on alternative investments, has announced its schedule for the 2017 Growth Investor Awards. This year's awards ceremony will be taking place on Wednesday 8 November at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London.

I'm not sure I can make it, anyway. I'm washing my hair, so, er .... 'Ha!' Lucky, really.

The Growth Investor Awards recognize the role played by the SME investment ecosystem in putting growth capital to work, helping some of the UK's best businesses and brightest talent to thrive. They highlight the importance of venture capital schemes to help them scale, as well as the need to support businesses that are creating jobs, prosperity and optimism all across Britain.

Optimism?! All across Britain?! 'Are they crazy, boss?!' They obviously haven't heard of Brexit, which will destroy Britain. 'Maybe they've been living in a cave.' Never mind.

The Awards are open to both companies and individuals, from those providing investment or helping to source it to those best optimizing growth capital to scale. The 2017 event will feature two new categories: 'Corporate Investor of the Year' and 'Best Angel Syndicate', bringing the total number of awards to 16.

Best angel syndicate? What's that all about? 'They live in a world of their own, these people. You're well out of it. Count your blessings, Mikey.' Oh, I am counting them, Voice, believe me.

Last year's ceremony was attended by over 400 industry professionals and included a scene-setting film about growth capital, with perspectives from a range of founders supported by finalists that have benefited from investment and associated support. The event also featured keynote speeches from Iain Wright, MP for Hartlepool and Chairman of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee, and Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE, founder of Cobra Beer and founding chairman of the UK India Business Council. Both speeches highlighted the importance of tax-efficient investments as well the need to support SMEs that are generating tax revenue and helping to drive Britain's economic recovery.

Well, I, er ... I didn't attend last year. 'You weren't invited last year.' Yes, Thank you, Voice. I think they're taking the piss now. / Anyway ...

About the Growth Investor Awards.

Recognizing impact beyond investment, the Growth Investor awards highlight the value delivered to investors, businesses and Britain's economy by investment managers, wealth managers, financial advisers, private equity and venture capital companies, angel networks, investment platforms, and entrepreneurs. An independent panel of judges will look for those demonstrating innovation in products and services; impact on investee performance; and how growth capital is deployed.

Okay. That's enough. 'You didn't need to quote that last bit. The readers have got the idea, if they're smart.' Yes, if they're smart. A big IF. 'Ha!'

Well, well ... laters, you dig?