Wednesday, 22 March 2017

May River Capital has raised $165 million for its first fund

Congratulations are in order, I think. Well, I truly believe. Uh, well done, guys!

Founded in 2012, May River Capital is a Chicago-based private equity investment firm focused on small, high-caliber, industrial growth businesses that have the potential to be transformed into larger, more valuable enterprises. We take pride in our culture of partnership and collaboration - a characteristic that is rooted in a fundamental appreciation for teams and the human element in business.

You see, Voice? Voice? 'Hello, boss.' You see? 'Well, I see that May River Capital was founded in 2012. It's only taken them five years to get their first fund together. FFS!' Don't be like that, man. Good things take time, you know this. I mean, I'm thinking about rewriting the chorus lyric to (one of my two) my best song(s). 'Christ!' What? 'When will it ever end?' Shut up! I'm a perfectionist.

Anyway, yeah, $165 million. They probably could have got more than that. A lot more, but ... / Oh, oh, Voice. 'What?' Guess what they're calling this fund. 'I don't know.' Guess. Go on! 'I really have no idea. I suppose it's something imaginative like, er ... May River Fund I.' Bloody hell! How did you guess that? 'I just got lucky.' I'm impressed, man.

Oh, dear, dear reader(s), they've got philosophy, too. I love a firm with philosophy. It shows a bit of class. Do you know what I mean? Here's theirs -


It's a simple thought, but one that is fundamental to how we work and collaborate with others. Born out of experience and our upbringing in family-owned industrial companies, we believe that success is the sum total of many small decisions. We put to work every day a back-to-basics approach to building teams and strong business cultures.

Not bad, eh? Not bad at all.


That's enough, enough finance. Music? 'Yes!' No, no, no ... film. 'Oh.' I watched Citizen Kane last night, for the first time in years. (I bought the DVD yesterday.) It's such a monumental masterpiece. It really is the greatest film ever. And it's seventy-six years old now! And no other film has been able to get close to it. I'd love to record an album that good. A work that is future-proof, you dig? [However, my focus is on individual songs at the moment.]

Yes, music again. I'll stop writing about music soon BECAUSE(!) ... this is a finance blog, believe it or not. 'Ha!' Yeah. / I might change the chorus lyric, I might not. I've still got a bit of time ...

And small decisions! Like the May River guys said. 'Eh?' That's my philosophy, too, man. Or small inspirations, one after another, which can add up to something magnificent.

Anyway, laters. Tomorrow. 'And tomorrow?' Tomorrow!