Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Virtual Technology Cluster Group is raising capital

Yippee! Good luck to them! / Yes, dear reader(s), it's the Wednesday morning PR email, back by popular demand. 'Er ... Wednesday morning? What time is it, boss? I got Tuesday night.' I'll be posting it around 1.00am, Voice. If it's any of your business, of course. 'Okay. Writing in the middle of the night again. I'm glad you've got Apollo on.' Well, the night time is the right time, man.

But let's do this!

London, 31 January 2017 - The Virtual Technology Cluster Group ("The VTC Group"), which connects small innovative companies with blue chip organizations seeking innovation, is raising capital to support the high growth businesses within its network. By working with SMEs, the VTC Group is a key asset in helping them expand as it gains a deep insight into the models, IP, management and commercial opportunities of these companies.

Okay. Just one thing. Is "Cluster" a good idea? I mean, for a firm's name. 'Not really, boss. What were you going to call your firm?' Are you talking about the hedge fund I was thinking of? 'Yeah.' Fowke Shitshow Capital. 'Ha! Not good.' No. Fowke Capital sounds better. 'Much better!' Personally, if this were my firm ... The Virtual Technology Group. You dig? 'Yeah.' But it's their firm. Let them have it their own way. / So ...

The VTC Group is raising capital through Funderbeam in Estonia, the world's first primary and secondary marketplace for early-stage investments secured by blockchain. This capital raise, the first step in a long-term partnership with Funderbeam, will allow the VTC Group to help its SME members raise their own investment on Funderbeam and, in doing so, offer access to a growing global investor base via a 24/7 borderless liquid marketplace.

Funderbeam? Christ! Whatever.

This new business model, which enables SMEs to access investment and achieve liquidity for their shareholders, is built on the ongoing success of the VTC Group's cluster model. The VTC Group has also agreed a pilot scheme with a global pharmaceutical company to find innovative technology-enabled solutions to fast-track innovation from its supply chain.

Fine. Perfectly fine. / Uh, I wonder how Auriol Stevens feels about it all. If only there was a way to find out. 'Boss.' I guess we'll never know. 'Boss!' It's a shame really. 'For crying out loud! Boss!!!' What, man?! 'This -'

Commenting, Auriol Stevens, CEO, VTC Group said: "Our new model is going to allow us to create real value  for growth companies, for blue chips, for UK PLC, for our investors, and for us. By connecting small companies with corporate opportunities, we have a unique insight into their businesses and we are going to use this to stimulate growth. We are very excited to be raising capital on Funderbeam's innovative platform - a perfect demonstration of how technology is changing every aspect of business. With the growing adoption of our cluster methodology and new governmental contracts, 2017 will be a very busy year."

Right. Okay. Yeah, thanks for that, Voice. I must have missed it. 'What would you do without me, eh?' Well, I'd probably have a quieter life, for starters.


Anything else? Music? I've got Oxygene on now, for my sins. 'Ha!' It's all right, I suppose. Most Seventies electronic music has aged badly, I feel. 'Bowie and Eno are still all right.' Of course they are! I'm thinking of acts like Tangerine Dream.

Anyway. Laters.