Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bateson Asset Management - ?!

Yes, yes. Bateson Asset Management. What's that?! - you're probably wondering, dear reader(s). Well, it's one of these computer robot firms that is trying to take over the world, like the Terminator. 'Eh?!' Oh, hello, Voice. How are you this morning? 'Fine, boss. Er ... ain't Bateson Asset Management just a new firm that is going to use computers for trading and investing like loads of others?' Well, yeah. It's been founded by Richard Bateson, who, uh ... used to work on that infernal AHL thing at Man Group. 'Oh dear.'

You see, dear reader(s), I've always preferred the GLG guys ... you know? 'They know!' Most of them are financial shamans in touch with the cosmos, all spiritual and mystical. HUMAN!!! 'Well, a lot of them are old friends of yours, boss, from the crazy desert days, astral and physical.' Of course they are! We were dancing beneath the moon, so delirious, ecstatic, with the blood and fire, ah ... 'Christ! Don't upset yourself, man. Those days are gone. At least you've got your conceptual stuff now. You can get DIZZY(!) all the time, any time you like.' Is it the same though, Voice? As the blood, and the fire! 'Well, it's obviously not the same. However, you're working towards getting beyond ... the THREE now, aren't you?' Yeah. Yeah. 'Ha! Well, don't sound so happy about it!' I just - oh, I don't know.

Obviously, reader(s), I wish this, uh ... Dr Bateson all the best with his ... new firm, like. I mean - 'Oh, come on! It would be churlish to wish him ill just because he loves computers and you don't, Mikey.' Yes, Voice, I suppose you're right. / It's just the way the world is now, or the way the world is going. Maybe I've lived too long.


Well, well ... / Anything else? No. No. No. I'm all confused today. Actually, I might have a lie down in a minute. 'What?!' High winds, Voice. 'But we have to learn to sail in high winds.' Yes, I know. Aristotle Onassis. Jesus H. - ! It ain't easy. It's hard.