Monday, 16 January 2017

The pound is falling, falling, falling ...

Well, well ... uh, well. This is a surprise! Ain't it? 'Er ... no, boss.' Well, of course not. Mayhem opens her mouth and - 'Ha! Doesn't even need to open her mouth.' No, no ... the papers just have to say that she's going to open her mouth, and talk, talk, talk ... about Brexit. Hard. Red. White. Blue. Wonderful! [If you're insane ...]

And, apparently ... we're all supposed to unite behind a hard Brexit now. [Fuck that shit!] 'All hold hands and sing We shall overcome ... ?' Yeah, that's the idea, Voice. Apparently, the British people voted to live in some godforsaken tax haven. 'With no NHS?! With inflation going through the roof?!' Shut up! We've taken back control, you little idiot!

Christ! Man, I felt so out of control before, you know? I used to get this terrible anxiety about my country having no sovereignty. 'Oh, your country? So, you're the King of England, are you?' Jesus! I won't tell you again, Voice. Seriously. Please be quiet.


I think he's gone, dear reader(s).

Anything else? Music? I'm listening to The Beatles, man. Just random tracks.

Oh God! I want to think about music. I should think about my music, but ... I can't get Brexit and Trump out of my mind. The evil of the world has got to me. 'Go to a cave then.' Oh ... you again. I thought you were gone. 'Ha! I'll never be gone, Mikey.' Boss. 'Boss.' Thank you.

What a world! / However ... maybe a new world is coming. Trump and Brexit could be the last dying spasms of conservatism. Obviously, there will always be boneheads, but your average man and woman in the street may have their eyes opened over the next few years. 'We can hope, boss. Personally, I think the human race is doomed.' Oh, nice. 'Prepare for the astral plane, everyone! Prepare for spiritual evolution! You're moving on.' Okay. Bloody hell! [Whatever that all means ...]

Ha! Well ... me? Myself,  I'll be moving a-ROUND later, that's for sure. 'No. 480?' You bet your ass, No. 480! 'How many of these things are you going to write?' As many as it takes, man.


Anyway, I'm not talking/writing about politics no more. I'm really not. I'm absolutely sick of it. Only finance from now on. [Because I have to. It's my job.] And music. [Because I love it. And I'm determined to become a rock and roll shaman this year. Yes, this year!] / Okay, okay ... laters, yeah?