Monday, 30 January 2017

Gold, gold, gold! / New Energy Metals Royalty Company ...

I mean, with the way the world is, dear reader(s) ... you dig? Gold, gold, gold! 'What do you mean, gold, gold, gold?!' Just what I said, Voice. 'Uh, is this the Monday morning PR email, boss, back by popular demand, like?' Ha! You're so perceptive!

TNR Gold Corp. announces strategic changes

We are living in exciting times! We are witnessing the generational change, which will define our future for the next 50 years! We are entering the era of The New Energy, which will be based on Solar, Wind and our ability to store Energy with Lithium Technology! Magic metal Lithium is at the very heart of this technology! Red metal Copper becomes Green by providing us with the best material to build all necessary infrastructure for The Switch! All world is going Electric!!! We will need a lot of Copper to make it happen: electric motors will power almost everything and charging infrastructure is mushrooming all over the world now! And the old as the history of our world Gold will still provide the Solid Core Values on which I would like our Company to be built. Gold is money and will always be it! Yippee!

Lithium? Whatever. Hang on! - "And the old as the history of our world Gold ..." - What the hell does that mean?! 'I think they got carried away, boss. All the excitement, you dig? Think of your conceptual posts.' Okay. I'm thinking. And? 'Well, sometimes you get really excited and start writing, well ... nonsense, don't you?' Maybe, Voice. Maybe. 'That's all they've done.' Yeah, maybe. / Anyway, let's continue with it -

TNR Gold will be moving forward as New Energy Metals Royalty Company.

Among our assets:

Royalty on the whole giant Los Azules Copper project in Argentina under the management of McEwen Ming with Rob McEwen advancing it now!

Stake in International Lithium with its strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium and Royalty on the whole Mariana project in Argentina!

Shotgun Gold project in Alaska, where we are working on the best strategic partner to advance it!

Okay. Okay. Okay. Three okays. But just one question: Who on earth is Kirill Klip?! 'Who?!' Exactly! Kirill Klip. Who is he? 'Is that a person?' Yeah. Big time.

TNR Gold Corp. announces that Kirill Klip, the non-executive Chair of TNR, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Company. Gary Schellenberg has resigned as CEO, President and a director of the Company. Paul Chung has also resigned as a director of the Company and Jerry Bella has resigned as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary. To fill the vacancies of the departing officers, John Wisbey has been appointed as Corporate Secretary and Maurice Brooks has been appointed (subject to TSXV approval) as interim CFO. The Board will now consist of Kirill Klip, Greg Johnson, John Wisbey and Ross Thompson.

Obviously, all the readers will want to know what our Kirill has got to say for himself. 'Lay it on them, Mikey!'

Kirill Klip, Chairman, President and CEO of TNR Gold stated: "I would like to thank management and directors of TNR Gold for the development of our Company and its portfolio of projects to this stage. Now it is time to bring our Company to the next level based on a strategic partnerships with worldwide leaders in our industry like Ganfeng Lithium at International Lithium and McEwen Mining at Los Azules Copper project in Argentina. My strategy will be defined by maximizing shareholders' value in our Company. My priorities will be to build TNR Gold Team and advance our projects with strategic partners, who can provide the world-class technology and capital. My focus will be to minimize dilution while optimizing capital management at TNR Gold in order to maximize the value of the assets of our Company."

Fair enough, I suppose. / Gold, gold, gold! Gold must be the future BECAUSE(!) ... democracy and civilization are in the past.


Anything else? No - is the short answer. 'But -' But I'll be writing a conceptual post later, for my peccadilloes. So, laters.