Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Credit Suisse (Lux) Multi-Trend fund

Or Fund. They had a capital F. 'Who did?!' The PR people, Credit Suisse people. It's the launch of a new fund. 'Oh. Is this the Wednesday morning PR email, back by popular demand?' Ha! You bet your ass it is, boy! / Dear reader(s), I love reading PR emails in the morning. 'They smell of victory!' Shut up, Voice. Please.

London, January 24, 2017 - With the Credit Suisse (Lux) Multi-Trend Fund, Credit Suisse Asset Management offers investors a cost-efficient way to benefit from rising interest rates and high equity valuations. The trend-following fund strives to generate positive returns in market environments of both falling and rising equity, bond, currency and commodity prices.

Fair enough. 'Following the first monetary tightening by the US Federal Reserve in December, boss, it has become increasingly likely that -' What?! What are you going on about, Voice? 'I'm just doing the rest of the email.' Oh, and that's your job, is it? 'Well ...' Christ! The way you were talking, I thought maybe you knew something about it. 'No.' Leave it to the professionals, man. Okay -

Following the first monetary tightening by the US Federal Reserve in December, it has become increasingly likely that we will see further increases in borrowing costs and accordingly falling bond prices in 2017. This presents investors with the challenge of achieving sufficient risk diversification for their portfolios, with many key equity benchmarks already at record highs. With the launch of the Credit Suisse (Lux) Multi-Trend Fund, which exploits trends worldwide on a multitude of individual markets in all important investment classes, Credit Suisse wants to provide an alternative for this particular market environment. The UCITS-compliant mutual fund has the ability to generate positive returns in both rising and falling markets. In order to achieve its investment goal, the fund invests exclusively in highly liquid and widely available instruments, such as index or currency futures. It receives its buy or sale signals by observing market trends over short-, medium- and long-term time horizons. This observation process allows the fund to participate in long-term - as well as to react to short-term - market developments.

Interesting. / And there's some more "stuff", dear reader(s). I ain't doing all of it. But I'll finish with the facts and risks, okay?

Facts on Credit Suisse (Lux) Multi-Trend Fund: USD UB: ISIN LU1517928393 and Fund approved for distribution in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and broadly diversified portfolio strives to generate positive returns for both upward and downward trends on capital markets and asset development only slightly correlates to traditional investment classes - therefore, a preferable option for risk diversification in a portfolio Investment universe(!!!): equity, pension, commodity and currency markets fund domicile: Luxembourg Legal structure: UCITS, SICAV Fund currency: main currency USD; EUR, CHF and GBP share classes available and minimum investment: 1 share (private investors); EUR 500,000 (institutional investors) and Management fee: 1.10% (USD UB tranche); 0.90% (USD EB tranche); no performance-based fees maximum sales commission: 5.00% (USD UB tranche) or 3.00% (USD EB tranche) Liquidity: daily and launch date: 14 December 2016.

Oh, it's already been launched. Over a month ago. Never mind. 'Why the small text, boss?' It's taking up too much room. / And here are the risks -


There is a risk that assets don't perform as expected, irrespectively of trends in traditional equity and pension markets.

The fund offers no capital protection.

The fund invests in futures, which leads to transaction costs.

The investment strategy can lead to frequent reallocations, which can incur trading costs.


Okay, okay. Well ... that's done. Thank God! I'm not really in the mood this morning. Have you see the weather? 'It's all foggy.' A great start to summer, I don't think. 'Eh?!' Yeah. Exactly!

Anything else? 'Yes!' No, no, no. There's nothing else. 'Oh.' Well, there might be something else. However, I'm not writing about it, if there is ... something else, you dig? Life is too short, and I've got a guitar to play.