Thursday, 26 January 2017

Nara Capital Partners - ?!

Well, well ... / Ah, don't worry about it, dear reader(s). It's just a new firm, that's all. It's been founded by Charles Smart, Alex de Calice, Joe DeGregorio, Munish Gupta, Frank O'Neill, Qian Yang, and Kyle Johnson. 'Er ... are they all founders, boss?' Well, maybe not, Voice. Charles Smart is definitely a founder, and maybe Alex de Calice. I don't know about the others. But they're all going along for the ride, that's the main thing.

So, uh, so ... / Nara Capital is based in New York, and it will launch its Nara Capital Master fund in March with $150 million to $200 million in capital. It will invest in commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities, which is nice. 'Who's put up the seed money, boss?' Some mystery investor in Europe. 'You?!' Ha! I wish, man! I wish I had the sort of money lying around that meant I could just casually invest in any hedge fund that took my fancy. 'Oh, it is you.' Don't be ridiculous! 'I bet you still have some of Jack's billions.' Jack? 'Jack Pickles.' Oh, him. Wow! That's a name from the past. No, Voice, I don't have any of his billions.

Anyway, I wish them all the best at Nara Capital Partners. I mean, it ain't easy launching a new hedge fund these days. 'Tell me about it!' No, not now.


Let's move on! Come on! What else can I write about, in my last post of the week? 'Politics?' The whole world is going to hell in a hard cart, my little invisible friend. So that's politics taken care of. 'Music?' I ain't got no music on at the moment. Ain't you got ears? 'No. Well, I've got astral ears, as you know.' Yes, yes. Christ! Let's not get into astral ears, eyes, mouths, and noses. We all know you have an astral body, Voice. You've done very well for yourself. 'Thanks.' / Okay, that's it. The end of another week. Have a nice weekend, dear reader(s). Don't do anything that I would do. 'You mean "wouldn't", Mikey.' I mean, "would", man. Ha! Laters!