Thursday, 19 January 2017

HSBC, UBS, and Goldman Sachs are moving 1,000 jobs each out of the UK

Yeah, roughly a thousand jobs each, I think. For now. [Maybe 3,000 at Goldman!] My guess is, this will just be the start. They will wait to see what the damage of Brexit is first. 'They probably have plans already to move everything to Paris, Frankfurt, and Dublin, boss. They just don't want everyone screaming at them on Twitter, for the moment.' Maybe, Voice. I can see the sense of that. I mean, just give people a warning that they're leaving, and then make the big move later.

Obviously, dear reader(s), I'm absolutely sickened that I'm having to write about Brexit again. If I had my way, I would just write about music. What songs I'm listening to. What songs I'm writing or recording. But you know how it is. This is my job, for my sins. 'It would be bizarre, boss, if you didn't write about Brexit. It could destroy the British finance industry.' Yes. Christ!

Oh, let's talk about something else, seriously, yeah? Cheer me up, Voice. 'Ha! Well, do you know that Obama has sacked Major General Schwartz?' Who is he? 'Well, he hasn't actually been sacked yet. However, he's been told to stand down during the inauguration.' Yeah, great. Who the hell is he?! 'He's the guy in charge of security tomorrow. Or he was.' Oh, I see. Well, that's not cheering me up, man. Isn't there anything else? 'What music are you listening to?' Jesus H. - ! I haven't put anything on yet.

Yes, the inauguration. I doubt there will be any problems tomorrow. Apparently, Trump is bringing in his own security. Bikers for Trump, or something. 'It's basically going to be a rerun of Altamont, boss.' Shut up, you idiot!

The Stones aren't going to be there. 'Gimme Shelter - !!!' Yeah, I'm listening to Gimme Shelter. Let's rock!


Later(s), crocodile(s)! Have a nice weekend!