Thursday, 12 January 2017

Who on earth is Richard Peacock?!

Ha! You may well ask ... or wonder, dear reader(s). I couldn't tell you. 'Oh, shut up! Yes you could, boss. Stop teasing the readers.' All right, Voice. I like to have a laugh ...

Richard Peacock is just some cat who used to work at Aviva Investors, for his sins, but now he works at Kames Capital. It's no big deal. Just another finance cat. / Kames? [Update: I see from my archive that I've covered them before, philosophy and all. Never mind.]

Kames Capital is a specialist investment management business. From Edinburgh and London we manage £51.3 billion (€59.3 billion) on behalf of UK and international clients - including wealth managers, financial advisers, family offices, pension funds, financial institutions, government agencies and individuals.

Richard? Our Richard is managing the £455 million Kames Property Income fund with David Wise, whom I imagine is the lead manager on the fund. 'You imagine?!' No! I know. I know. Happy now? 'Yes.' / By the way, Kames Capital has an investment philosophy that encourages them to be more agile, more collaborative, more flexible, and more responsible. 'What?! Hang on a minute, boss! More agile, more collaborative, more flexible, and more responsible ... than what?!' Ha! I don't know, man. Other firms, I suppose. 'Okay. But why does this investment philosophy of theirs only "encourage" them?' What's your point, idiot? 'Christ! My point, man, is: why doesn't their philosophy make them more agile, more collaborative, more flexible, and more responsible?' Bloody hell! How should I know? Take it up with them if you're so concerned.

Jesus H. - ! Idiot! / This post is about RICHARD PEACOCK. I actually wanted to know why he felt he had to leave Aviva Investors for a new life at Kames Capital. 'Well, it's the old story, Mikey.' Is it? 'Of course it is. You know a lot of these finance characters are workaholics. It can be very depressing goofing off all the time at Aviva Investors. The pub in winter with the endless pints of Stella. The lazy days of summer in the park with all the ice cream. And the six weeks of the Christmas party!' Ha! Well, I can tell you that's finished early. 'Really?' Yeah. Tuesday. It was supposed to last until this Saturday night, but ... they couldn't manage it. 'They must be in a right state.' Yeah, they probably are. It doesn't bear thinking about.


Anything else? Only Donald Trump. His press conference yesterday was an absolute car crash. All this - Hey, I'm a great guy. I'm going to do great things, you wait and see. If the Russians love Donald Trump, that's wonderful. I love him too. He's going to be a great president, believe me. And so am I! I mean me, Donald. Who?! I'm Donald. I think he's a great guy. And don't worry about the Nazis in the CIA. I'm gonna build a wall around them. It'll be a beautiful wall.