Monday, 2 January 2017

Carl Icahn wants to "reform" environmental and banking regulations

I mean, that's the job he's been given, yeah? 'By who, boss?' By Donald Trump, man. Apparently, there are too many regulations keeping everyone safe. 'Oh.' But the billionaires are going to change everything, Carl and the others.


Well, well ... / Well, there's not a lot of news. That's old news from before Christmas, by the way. 'Oh dear. Aren't there any PR emails, boss?' No, Voice. There's just you and me, and our imaginations. 'Christ!' Ha! Don't worry about it. I'll be doing a conceptual later, the first of the year.

New Year's resolutions? Uh, let's wait and see. I did a soft launch of them yesterday. I'm going hard today. 'It's a holiday today, Mikey.' Not for us, it ain't.

I need a rest ... / Just random thoughts, reader(s). I gotta get back in the groove, you dig? Music? My music? I didn't play much guitar over Christmas because I had the flu. I'm better now. Hopefully, I'll record those two songs soon. Resolutions and all that. / I read a book about Oasis. Oasis. What's the Story? by Iain Robertson, an ex-Para - who was their road manager for a while. It's pretty good. Only £3 in HMV! / Music? Their music? Uh, Television's music? I'm listening to Marquee Moon by Television. Just got the album again. I didn't like it years ago, but I do now. 'Maybe because The Strokes have made their sound popular.' Ha! Well, that's the polite way of putting it, man.

I got that new David Brent film on DVD, too. (HMV again. In the sale. £6.99.) It's as bleak as Beckett's Endgame, until the tacked-on happy ending. I suppose Gervais couldn't go "full bleak". No one would watch the film.

Anything else? 'Ha!' I'd be very surprised if there were anything else. Obviously, there's a new conceptual to come, No. 476. I might cut down to one a week this year. 'You gotta pace yourself, boss.' Yes. Yes, I have.