Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Equiteq sells property consulting firm McBains Cooper to RSBG

Right, okay. It's another PR email from Equiteq. If you remember, dear reader(s), I was complaining about too many technology emails, so ... 'Ah, they've sent you one about rainbows and human feelings, boss.' Well, no, not quite, Voice. It's about property and construction. 'Oh.' Well, it's an improvement. 'Is it?!' I don't know.

Global consulting and IT services sector M&A specialist, Equiteq, is pleased to announce the sale of MBC Group Ltd ("McBains Cooper") to RSBG. Equiteq acted as exclusive financial advisor to McBains Cooper. The transaction completed on September 27, 2017.

UK based McBains Cooper is an interdisciplinary property and construction consultancy focusing on design, architecture, planning, engineering, construction, project management and sustainability. The company is headquartered in London and has branches in Manchester and Thames Valley, as well as international offices and operations in Europe.

The acquisition by German firm RSBG, will enable the company's continued growth plans. RSBG is an investment vehicle founded in 2014 to support financing long term environmental legacy projects in the Ruhr through socially responsible acquisitions.

Of course, the question is: What right did Equiteq have to sell McBains Cooper? I mean, it's like some guy coming off the street into my house and saying, "Mikey, I'm going to sell your guitars. I've found a good buyer. Don't worry, you'll get something out of it." So you see, it's a bit dodgy really. 'Ha! Read the email, boss. Equiteq was the advisor to McBains Cooper. It was hired to do that job.' Oh, okay. / Right. Let's hear from Jurgen Wild. 'Fantastic! Is he a German rock and roll star?' No.

Jurgen Wild, Managing Director of RSBG, said: "McBains Cooper provides a great fit with our investment criteria, a highly-respected property and construction consultancy that has an enviable reputation across all major market sectors. They have combined technical excellence with exemplary customer service. Adding dedicated project management capability and a multi-discipline approach is a major step in our strategy to build a fully-fledged consultancy group. In the last three years RSBG has significantly invested in built environment consulting businesses. The fourth transaction in this segment underlines our commitment to the U.K. market."

He's, uh ... managing director of RSBG. 'Oh. Shame.' Yeah. / Okay. Mickey Thirkettle. 'Mikey Thirkettle, Mikey?' No. Mickey.

Mickey Thirkettle, CEO of McBains Cooper added, "Today marks an exciting new chapter in the long and proud history of McBains Cooper, as we strengthen our imprint and extend our global reach. RSBG only invests in companies that have a future of both expansion and sustainability, that mirror their own values, and we are delighted to join with them in this new enterprise. Our existing clients will see no difference in terms of the people they deal with on a day-to-day basis, but we will now have additional resources to expand services and operations further afield in the future."

Okay. Thanks, Mickey! 'Mikey.' What?! 'No, Mickey, boss.' Yes. Who are you talking to? 'You. / What about Jonathan Mintz?' What about him? 'Come on!' All right ...

Regarding Equiteq's role in the transaction, Jonathan Mintz, FD and Shareholder of McBains Cooper, commented, "Equiteq have been a trusted and invaluable advisor for us throughout this process. They have guided us through the big decisions and the smallest of detail to make sure that we achieved what was best for McBains Cooper and our clients. Having a partner in Gabriella Silvestris, with experience and integrity, was vital in ensuring that communication and trust flowed between all parties. We are delighted with the outcome and are excited about the future with RSBG."

Yes, yes, Equiteq was hired to do the job. 'All above board, like.' It's certainly a relief, Voice. I'll sleep a bit better tonight. / Ah, Gabriella. 'Who's she?' I don't know.

Equiteq Director, Gabriela Silvestris, who supported the shareholders of McBains Cooper throughout this process said: "We are delighted with the outcome for the shareholders of McBains Cooper who had built an impressive business based on a holistic and turn-key approach to property and construction. This is a great opportunity for McBains Cooper to accelerate and strengthen its growth."

Great! Everyone's delighted, including me, because it's done now.



Anything else? Brexit, dear reader(s)? I've got a feeling it's going to be cancelled. Only a small percentage of people want to crash out of the European Union without a deal. And it looks like it's going that way at the moment. Besides, most young people [under forty-seven, ha!] want to stay. That means even if we do leave, we'll be back in one day ... ten years or so. Unfortunately, we won't have the great deal we have now, and we'll have to take the euro. However, that's obviously what the Brexiters want long-term. It's up to them, man.

Music? I bought Liam Gallagher's new album yesterday. It's all right. 'What the hell does that mean, Mikey?!' I mean, it's better than Beady Eye, but not as good as Oasis in their glory years, 1994-1996. So, it's all right. / I also heard Noel Gallagher's new single ... 'And?' I'm not saying anything, son.