Monday, 9 October 2017

Women in wealth and personal branding

Yes, yes. Yes, it's very important to invest in your personal brand. I do it all the time, me. 'What's this, boss?' It's a PR email, Voice. Look -

PIMFA, the leading trade association for the personal investment management and financial advice sector in the UK, welcomed over 100 delegates at their Women in Wealth half day conference. The event which was sponsored by RBS, featured speakers such as Jules Chappell OBE, Partner at Hawthorn Advisers who said: "With an average of only 12% of quotes printed in the business pages of the main UK national papers being attributed to female experts, it remains really important for senior women and journalists to work together, particularly in sectors such as finance and technology."

You see, man? Women in wealth. 'Yeah, okay, but what about this, uh ... personal branding?' Yes, it's very important. I do it all the time. 'But you're not a woman, are you, boss?' Er ... no. What's your point, Voice? 'Well ...' Look -

Following this session Jan Carrington, Personal Brand Consultant at JC Corporate and Personal Image Consultancy led a practical session on personal branding, highlighting the importance of taking time to "invest in yourself and your Personal Brand".

You see, Voice? Jan Carrington says it important. 'Yes, for women.' Er, for everyone, I should think, son. 'But that's not what the email is about! Why does everything have to be about you?' Shut it, you slag! 'Just let them have this moment.' Oh, shut up!

Later in the day Jane Sydenham, Investment Director at Rathbone Brothers shared her experiences over the course of a 30 year career in investment management: "There have been huge changes to systems, working processes and practices, regulation and attitudes, and almost all of the office buildings that were standing in the City 30 years ago have been replaced, but the fundamental need to communicate with and really understand our clients remains the same," said Jane.

You see, er, whatever ... kook? 'Yes, I see. It's about women in finance.' Well, yes, but ...

Sarah Pennells, Financial Broadcaster, Journalist and Founder of was the closing speaker at the conference who shared insights such as "Sections of the financial services industry seem to believe that women aren't interested in investing. I don't think that's the case. I think the challenge is for the industry to become more diverse and to talk about finance in a way that resonates with women. Some companies are making headway, but there's more to be done."

Right. 'You see, Mikey?' Yeah, yeah, I see what you're saying, man, but ... well, they're changing the subject now, aren't they? 'Yeah.' They were talking about personal branding. I mean, that Jan was. It's not my fault, is it? 'No.' Anyway ...

Liz Field, CEO at PIMFA commented on the forum saying: "Diversity has proven benefits and we intend to lead the way in emphasizing this. We continue to provide practical assistance to firms in developing the equality conversation with events such as today's Forum. The Women in Wealth Forum provides a valuable opportunity for all those across our industry to provide inspiration, hear from experts and share knowledge and experiences".

Well, it's all over now, anyway.


Anything else? Music? My music? I don't discuss that any more, dear reader(s). No more updates! However, I can just quickly say that I've sped up one of my ballads and changed the rhythm, so ... it might not be a ballad any more. 'Oh.' Who knows? Who cares?! Forget about it! They are so many more important things happening in the world ...

Like Brexit. What a fucking joke! Seriously.