Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Will cryptocurrency become mainstream?

Who knows, dear reader(s)? I don't. 'Boss, how's your Mikeycoin coming along?' Er ... not too well, at the moment, Voice, to be honest with you. Maybe I should stick to the music. 'Yeah, but when you make it as a big star, you could give these Mikeycoins out to your fans when they buy your albums and concert tickets, and then they could buy other stuff with them. And then maybe Mikeycoin would take off, and if you had a load stashed away they would rise in value and you'd be a billionaire or something, man.' Ha! Yes, it's a nice idea. But it might be too ambitious for me. I might just bring out a perfume ... / Anyway ...

Will Amazon accept Bitcoin this month, and will crypto currency become mainstream? In a thought-provoking viewpoint for ParcelHero, Forbes' digital currency specialist Roger Aitken asks if Amazon will adopt Bitcoin as early as this month, and says we should all consider joining the crypto currency party.

Ha! They send this to the founder of Mikeycoin ...

In a wake-up call to investors and consumers, the award-winning Forbes' cryptocurrency journalist Roger Aitken has revealed that a global petition urging Amazon to accept Bitcoin has already gained nearly 12,000 signatures.

Only twelve thousand?! Whatever.

Roger says the's campaign is gaining in publicity, and argues we should all consider "dipping our toes" in the cryptocurrency market.

Toes? I've dived in, mate. Jesus H. - !!! Haven't you heard of Mikeycoin, Roger?

Roger reveals the petition argues accepting Bitcoin will "streamline commerce" and improve the purchasing experience for "millions" of Amazon shoppers. And he says some industry pundits are predicting Amazon could make an announcement on adopting Bitcoin during its next investor call, scheduled for October 26th.

Well, let's wait and see, eh? 'That's tomorrow, boss!' Yeah. I don't think Amazon will risk it.

Adds Roger: "Fellow tech company Microsoft was famously an early adopter of the new digital currency, back in 2014. There's little doubt that if Amazon were also to accept Bitcoin it would legitimize the currency." But he cautions that, back in 2014, a very similar petition drew around 5,300 signatures; but Amazon kicked the idea into touch at the time, saying it had considered the cryptocurrency but had no current plans.

Okay, okay. No current plans. / Oh, what's this? -

But he warns of the 600 cryptocurrencies released, not all will be as established as Bitcoin and Ethereum and there is also "some real garbage out there." Cautions Roger: "Some warn Bitcoin and its fellows are all reminiscent of the Internet/dotcom of the late 1990s - a passing fad that created a bubble."

Some real garbage? I hope he's not talking about Mikeycoin.


Anything else? Music? My music?! Christ! This is a finance blog, reader(s), yeah? What's your problem? 'Oh, go on, Mikey!' / All right. This is the last time. As you know, I have ten songs. I'm planning to write one more quickly, and then I'm going to concentrate on my guitar playing for the foreseeable future. There's no point, at the moment, in having more songs than I need for an album.

Right. Brexit? Sod off! Seriously. / Later(s), crocodile(s)!