Wednesday, 14 March 2018

BondMason fundraising

Okay, okay. We've got some fundraising news from BondMason -

London, 13 March 2018: BondMason has today announced the results of its latest investment fundraising round, which raised £1.85 million to drive the growth of the business and fulfil the company's vision to enable more investors to access returns from direct lending.

They've got a vision! 'Not bad, boss.' It ain't bad at all, Voice.

The direct lending market in the UK is continuing to come-of-age, offering investors the potential to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility compared to equity capital markets. This was marked by another record year of growth for direct lending in 2017. Recognizing this, and their unique position within the sector, the team at BondMason took the decision to raise another round of investment funding to fuel the continued expansion of the business.

Oh, by the way, dear reader(s), I'm listening to Coney Island Baby, my favourite Lou Reed album. 'What's that got to do with the BondMason news?' Nothing, man. Absolutely nothing. 'All right. Well, maybe we should hear what Stephen Findlay has got to say.' Yeah, yeah, if you insist ...

Stephen Findlay, CEO of BondMason explains: "We've received significant interest from both new and existing shareholders for this fundraising, which represents a strong endorsement of our business strategy. The round was oversubscribed by 50%. We're delighted to announce that Seneca Partners and Par Equity led the investment round - two of the UK's leading EIS investment managers. We're also excited to have a number of private investors participating in the round as well. This is a key milestone for the business and marks the next chapter in our journey."

Well, our Stephen is delighted. 'And excited.' Yes, he's delighted and excited, and why shouldn't he be?

It goes on for a bit, but then! ... [drum roll] ... ah, there's some talk of the vision! 'Let's hear it!' Okay, okay. Be patient, son. Where is it? Oh, here it is -

Mr. Findlay continued: "The vision is to bring the BondMason proposition to life by developing our brand awareness and client engagement, and by ultimately raising our profile and share of voice in both the direct lending market and wider investment arena. Our role is to enable more investors to access direct lending as a complimentary asset class, enhancing their overall investment strategy. We will work closely with other participants in the financial services sector, such as IFAs and Wealth Managers, as well as continue to serve clients directly."

Great! I love all this vision stuff, you know? 'We don't get enough of it in finance, do we, boss?' No, it's usually left to the mystical nutters, like me. 'Kooks.' Yes, or kooks. Same thing, really.

Right. 'Are we going to finish with a quote from John Davies at Seneca Partners? Or a quote from Marcus Henderson at Par Equity?' Ha! No, Voice, we're not. 'Oh.' We're going to finish with a quote from the late great Lou Reed -

Lou Reed sang: "She's my best friend, certainly not your average girl. Yeah, she's my best friend. She understands me when I'm feeling dow-dow-dow-dow-dow-down. You know, it sure hurts to be that way. Dow-dow-dow-dow-dow-down. You know, it sure hurts to know that you're that kinda fella."

Er ... yeah, thanks, Lou! Hardly relevant, though, is it? FFS! 'Don't start a fight with him, Mikey. You know what he's like. Remember when he started throwing punches at David Bowie in that restaurant?' Ha! I'd like to see him try that with me.

Okay. See you tomorrow, reader(s).