Thursday, 29 March 2018

Is Bitcoin still around?

Well, well ... / We, uh ... haven't heard much about Bitcoin lately, dear reader(s), have we? 'That's because the price is right down, boss. Just over £5,000.' Oh dear.

But gold is still popular! And this isn't an endorsement, by the way. 'We know, boss. You don't do endorsements. You're a man of great integrity.' Yes, thank you, Voice. / Anyway -

Investment firm The Pure Gold Company has seen a 34% increase in financial professionals buying physical gold over the last three days citing worries that a potential trade war between the US and China could impact global equities if the conflict escalates further. 

Okay, okay. I think this PR email is a couple of days old. I've had a migraine, and I've been messing about with the action on my acoustic guitar. More of that later. / Anyway -

Despite some recent easing of the tension, the gold price has continued to rise as a weak dollar in the US and the widening diplomatic row with Russia have spurred investors to seek a safe haven in gold. In sterling terms, gold has risen 2% in the past week and was still on the rise Tuesday morning.

Yeah, Tuesday. Who cares?! 'No one!' Good. / Now, I wonder what Josh Saul has got to say for himself ...

CEO Josh Saul said: "Many of our financial clients, especially those in banking, have cited the fear of trade war contagion spreading throughout the rest of the globe, with a possible retaliation from China having extreme consequences for the global economy. Even as the tensions have begun to ease a little, our clients are still looking to hedge against uncertainty, because the situation could escalate again."

Ha! With Trump in charge, anything is possible. I'm buying baked beans, me. 'How many tins do you have now?' It would be better to ask how many rooms are full. 'Christ!' You've got to be prepared, son. In today's world, like. / Anyway ...

"We've also seen a 43% increase in first time investors who work in financial services purchase physical gold over the last 14 days, citing concerns that the demise of Toys R US and Maplin, and the difficulties facing Prezzo may not be isolated. People are concerned that other large UK companies may follow suit and fear the implications of escalating unemployment, declining UK GDP and a weakening sterling currency. The real danger of course is slipping back into a recession which is something we are starting to hear a lot more of when people offer their motivations for purchasing physical gold instead of investing in the stock market."

Jesus H. - !!! Well, that's Brexit for you. The will of the people. Ain't it grand?


Anything else? Music? Guitar? Well, I've been doing some surgery to my Yamaha acoustic (FG730s). 'Oh no!' Listen! Idiot! Like most acoustics you buy, the action was too high. (Meaning the strings are too far away from the fretboard, making the guitar hard to play.) I've lowered it by tightening the truss rod and shaving about two millimetres off the bottom of the saddle. This has affected the tone a bit. I don't know I like it - yet. However, the action is more comfortable for me now, and the guitar plays like ... BUTTER!!! 'Yippee!' Yes, Voice. / Oh, I've just ordered a Tusq saddle from Amazon. Even good acoustics come with cheap plastic saddles, but a Tusq one (£13) will really improve sound and playability.

Uh. Well, well ... / I'm not sure I should keep using Amazon. 'Why not, boss? Is it bad service?' No, the service is brilliant. 'Oh, is it the working conditions in their warehouses then?' Well, yes, there is that, but no, no ... 'What then?!' I just don't want to put any more money into Jeff Bezos' pocket, man. 'Oh.' I don't want to fund his rockets, you dig? 'Right. Well, that is understandable.' I suppose it doesn't matter, really. I'm convinced that Elon Musk will get to Mars first. He may be worth $20 billion, but he doesn't even need money. 'All he needs is a cave and a box of scraps!' Exactly!

Anyway, crocodile(s), last post of the week to come later, after dinner, quiche and chips. 'Nice.' Yeah. Laters!