Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Morpheus Cup

What the hell is that?!?! ... you might be wondering, dear reader(s). Well, wonder no more ... because I have the answer!

On April 12th, hundreds of European students will gather at the Palais Brongniart, at the heart of Paris (France), for the fourth edition of the Morpheus Cup, the largest European universities and graduate schools' championship. The competition is divided into two parts: The Morpheus Prize, a remote call for projects, and the Morpheus Day, a live competition with thematic challenges. Students also have the opportunity to visit the event to meet potential employers and share their views with their European counterparts.

You see? It's a chance for European students to show how clever they are.

Great European companies and organizations such as BNP Paribas, PwC, MACIF, Leroy Merlin, Docler Holding, Pépite France, La Maison des Initiatives Etudiantes, ICT Luxembourg, Crème de la Crème or Davidson Consulting, are looking to support student-lead startups and projects in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, customer experience, e-commerce & retail, entertainment & media, Internet of Things, human capital, mobility & logistics, circular & green economy, energy, healthcare… Through the organization of unique and one-of-a-kind innovation challenges, the competition also invites young talents to overcome their limits, boost their creativity and skills, and try to win up to €25,000 worth of prizes.

That's all right, ain't it? It looks like the sort of thing Elon Musk might be interested in, to find new talent for making his rockets, etc. 'And that loop thing, boss.' Yes, Voice, the Hyperloop. / Well, obviously, I wish them all the best.


Anything else? Ah, it's the end of another week, blog fan(s), and I'm knackered, I'm afraid. So not much else. 'But -' However, there's no rest for the wicked. 'You're bad!' Yes, don't forget I'm a samurai now. I will be playing my guitar.

Er ... Brexit? FFS! Uh, if you insist. Unilever, Britain's third biggest company, is making Rotterdam its main headquarters. It denies that Brexit is the cause. 'Ha!' I think we'll see a lot of this. You know, firms moving to the EU, but saying ... Oh, it's got nothing to do with Brexit, guv. Honest! / Never mind. It's the will of the people.

Have a nice weekend! 'Bye!' Yeah, laters.